Trail Etiquette  as per Washington Trails Association

Courtesy is contagious. Following a few simple rules makes the backcountry experience pleasant for all.

Practice Leave No Trace Principles.

Practice Courtesy - Obey posted rules. Respect private property. Respect others. Let others enjoy quiet and solitude. Refrain from loud talking or swearing, and leave
judgmental attitudes at home.

Yield Right of Way - Wheels yield to heels. Downhill yields to uphill. Everyone yields to horses. Get off the trail. Near horses, get off to the downhill side and talk gently.

Take Care when Passing - Slow down! Do not startle others, especially horses. Get off trail to let faster users pass. On wide trails, keep right and pass left.

Take Breaks off Trail - and get your gear off trail too.

Practice Safety - Bring the Ten Essentials. Know your limits. Leave an itinerary with a friend or relative. Don't let your carelessness become a burden to others.

Be a Good Companion - Arrive on time. Share fairly.

Control Pets - It is really better to leave your pet at home. But if you must bring Rover, control your dog. Use a leash. Near horses, grip your dog’s throat to prevent barking.
Your responsible behavior will help keep pets allowed in the backcountry.
Trails are open to trail running and hiking all year. Campgrounds are open  May 1 - November 30.

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