Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 50% road, 50% trail

Ride Distance: 7-ish miles

Ride Time: 1 - 2 hours

Trailhead Directions: Take highway 101 exit off of I5. Go north to the
Black Lak eblvd exit. Turn left on Black Lake blvd. Follow Black Lake blvd
to Delphi rd. Turn left on Delphi rd. Turn right on Waddell Creek rd. At the
intersection of Waddell Creek rd and Sherman Valley rd there is a parking
area, pull in here.     

Route Description: Head north on Sherman Valley rd, turn left on to C Line
Rd. Head into the forest. Climb up to where Trail #40 crosses C Line, turn
left. Head down and up Trail # 40 over Mt Molly. At the bottom of Mt Molly
on way down you will come to a road, turn left here and follow back to
Waddell Creek rd and your vehicle.

Sooper classic. The rip down Trail #40 next to C Line is flow-tastic. Coming
down the back side of Mt Molly is kinda gnar-gnar and fast. This is an old
Kackley downhill course from the 90's. Classic.

As of 07/11 Trail #40 is being re-routed on Mt Molly. The trail will still end
up at the bottom of Mt Molly, and the road on the left to your vehicle.