Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 75% gravel road, 25% single track

Ride Distance: 16 miles and 2500' of gain/loss

Ride Time: 1 hour 29 min(G.G.) to 2.5 hours

Trailhead Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection with Sherman Valley Rd, this is "The Y".     

Route Description: From 'The Y" follow Sherman Valley Road to C-Line
on the left, climb C-Line up to C-7000 on the right, climb up C-7000 (have
fun on "The Puker"). When you get to the top intersection with C-4000, ride
over to the yellow gate on the right, scratch you climbing time into the post on
the right (44min is the current record J.A.). Head back down C-4000 about a
hundred yards and drop into Green Line #6. Ride down to C-Line, take a left
and and retrace back to your car.   

Ride Summary:  This is a great ride when you want get in some quick
vertical and mileage, as well as some technical descending. Why is it dirty?
Should you feel dirty about riding your mountain bike on a ride that is 75%
gravel road? Maybe a little, but it is well worth it. A great work out and a
great descent.