Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 80% Singletrack 20% gravel road

Ride Distance: 23 miles

Ride Time: 3 to 4 hours

Trail head Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection, turn left onto Sherman Valley Rd, continue to the next
intersection, turn left onto C-Line gravel road. Continue a few miles up to
road C-7000 road on right, there is a turn out for parking right here on your

Route Description: Start/Finish: Intersection of C-Line and C-7000

1. Climb C-Line
2. Turn left on C-5000, descend ¼ mile, and then drop in shortcut to Mima
Porter #8
3. Climb Mima Porter #8, (staying left @ trail 50 intersection) to Wedekind
4. Continue on Mima Porter #8 over the top and follow trail down to
intersection of C-2020 (by the gate).  Head right, and then climb the C-line to
5. From Wedekind, climb C-line to where Green Line 6 crosses; take a right
onto Green Line #6.  Follow ridge line trail until it comes near the peak . (note:
if the ridge line trail is dicey, follow C-4000 up to  the base of the peak)
access gate (just before it drops down the hill).  
6. Hop onto C-4000, and descend about until the trail #30 intersection.  Take
the Larch Mountain side of trail #30.
7. Follow the Larch Mountain loop around until it crosses back onto C-4000.
Cross the road and follow the Mount Molly Porter #3 down to Noshcka
creek, stay to the right and climb back up to the C-Line
8.  Turn right, and ride back up the C-Line ¼ mile  to the car

Ride Summary: Some nice climbing on non motorized-trails, with some fast
rollers on moto-trails. Crazy-fast in the summer and treacherous in the winter.
Lots of roots and rocks both climbing and descending. The ride around Larch
Mountain is some of the fastest in the Forest. Aside from the ridge line trail in
the middle and a grunt near Wedekind, this is a great singlespeed trail.

Ride Submitted By:  “Monkey” Mike Wellborn  

For info on this ride contact Mike: klownprinze@yahoo.com