Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 35% gravel road, 65% single track

Ride Distance: 50-ish miles

Ride Time: 8 - 11 hours

Trailhead Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection with Sherman Valley Rd, this is "The Y".     

Route Description: From 'The Y" follow Waddell Creek Road back to
Margaret McKenny campground. Take Green Line #6A to Green Line #6 to
Fall Creek Campgound. Take Mima Porter #8 to Porter Creek Campground.
Come back up C-1000 road to C-Line to Wedekind picnic area. Take Mima
Porter #8 back down to Fall Creek campground and then take Green Line #6
back to Magaret McKenny Campground and then to your car at "The Y'.     

Ride Summary:  After debating distances and routes this year, this is what
we came up with. A route we were all stoked on that started and ended near
"The Y" . Kind of a "Porter Creek Dash", optimizing the green trails and roads
for efficient travel and some favorite descents. The route goes against the
tradition of not repeating any trails or roads, but this is  what we wanted to
ride, and it definitely was not a multi-lap ride just for the sake of seeing high
mileage on the cyclometer. We got hammered by the weather this year
(October finally caught up to us after the last four years). We were rained,
snowed and hailed on for both high point crossings outside Wedekind. Black
clouds and high winds chased us out of Greenline #6A at Margaret Mckenny
Campground and slammed us with the most wicked down-pour on Waddell
Creek Road. Trail conditions were the muckiest on record for the Sick Puke
also. Green Line #6 out of Margaret McKenny was particularly nasty due to
recent trail work (peanut butter for miles), tires went from 2.35" to 3". Good
times in Cap! This was also the first year for a Sick Puke single speed. Shaun
came down from Seattle and represented the SS side of the tracks. Stud. Our
avg speed while riding was 9.5 mph and we climbed and descended about
4500' (no altimeter this year, oops). First ridden October 1, 2005. Start time
was 8:30 AM and finish time was 6:30 PM. We had 1 support stop at Porter
Creek. Layne Crocker, Shaun Pederson, Jim Graham, Jim Albright, Daniel
Myers, Jamey Poelker and "The Rock" Austin Hildreth. Thanks to Rich
Poelker for the support vehicle.   

Ride Submitted By:Jim Graham olywajim@yahoo.comVery Crappy Photos
Jim Albright