First round Sick Pukers. With Brother Brandon 29er not able to make it on Sunday, he launched an early attempt at the Sick Puke with the terminally hardcore Brandon Cornelius. Departure time
7:10 AM.....more to be revealed.......
Sick Puke 2008: The Sunday Worship

Ride Category: Point to point

Ride Type Ratio: Almost all singletrack

Ride Distance: 40-sh or 50-ish miles

Ride Time: 6 to 10 hours

Directions: See map and GPS info below

Description: Ride all day   

Longer route, data by Brandon Lockwood (includes a short trip up #6 from #50, not part of
the route)
Long Route
Longer Route
Map in Jpeg
2008 Sick Puke art by Captain Folden, AKA: Sancho, AKA: Joseph Normal
The Party Beggins
8:10 AM: 29 Puker's embarked on a long day of perfect fall trail riding in Capitol Forest, Sick Puke style. Some took the long route, others the longer route...one thing everyone had in common was a solid 6-8 hours of epic singletrack bliss.
Congrad's to Kyle for being the youngest Sick Puker ever (at 16). Happy birthday Roger, Brandon and Courtland. M. Fisher ponied up a 12 pack for being the first to finish (about 17 short, but close enough....this year). Large quantities of
raunchy grub were consumed at the Porter General Store, and after 4 cans of fix a flat and one tire puncture repair kit the FOCF bus and JKC trailer made it home. Great times. See you in 2009.
The Soloist
On a clear cool Tuesday morning Dr. Meyers rallied a bag full of self-support and headed out on the Longer Route to put another Sick Puke notch in his belt. 8 hours later he arrived in Porter tired, stoked and renewed.