Sick Puke 2006
Ride Category: Point to Point

Ride Type Ratio: 90% singletrack

Ride Distance: 35 miles

Ride Time: 5-8 hours

Route Description: Leave "The Y", ride to Margaret Mckenny and hop on
Green Line #6, take all the way to C-4000 road, hop on the road and climb
to the top of The Peak. Take Trail #30 down and around behind Larch
Mountain, at the intersection with Mount Molly Porter #3 turn left and head all
the way down to Porter Creek campground. Take the road out to Porter
Creek and have some of the best Chinese food you will ever eat. You will
need to call ahead and make reservations though. The owner (Kay) will pick
fresh organic vegetables out of her garden for your meal. Killer. Porter
General Store, WA.
Ride Summary: This was a very good time. The distance was a little shorter
than normal, but the sustained climbing and all singletrack route made up for it.
Going up Green Line #6 is brutal, but gets the vert. out of the way early. We
had incredible weather, mid 60's in the afternoon. Great views from the top
and sunshine all the way down. Trail conditions were great, only a little wet
coming down on lower Mount Molly Porter #3. Great times, good people.
Some Sick Puke alumni showed up to, North Bend was well represented
again and there were quite a few new inductee's. Thanks to Jackson and his
truck and trailer we all made it back. We left at 8:45 and arrived in Porter for
lunch at 3:30. Paul, Don, Loren, Layne, Dave, Henry, Bob, Jamie, Matthieu,
Dave, Jack, Dave, Tom, Todd, Aaron, Jason, Matt, Daniel, MJ Bales, Austin,
Brad and Jim   

Ride Submitted By: Gene Simmons
Porter General Store: Chinese food, burgers and beer
The Y
Sick Puke 2006: The Capitol Forest Burger Dash