Ride Name: Mean Green

Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 100% Single-track

Ride Distance: 54 miles

Ride Time: 7- 10 hours

Trailhead Directions:   Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Mima Road intersection, turn left. Drive another mile or so,
turn right on Bordeaux Rd, drive another mile or so and turn right on
Marksman Rd. Go about a mile and park at Mima Falls Trailhead.

Route Description:  The idea is to join the two major Green trails -- Green
Trail #6 and Mima-Porter #8 -- end-to-end, so you can start either in the
vicinity of Porter Creek CG or Mima Falls Trailhead, or any number of points
in between.  Consult your map for directions to the most convenient launch
site. From Mima Falls ride out Green Trail #6 to its conclusion and come back
along the length of Mima-Porter #8, or vice versa.  That's the simple
description.  A better route (in retrospect), however, would incorporate a
figure eight, swapping trails at Camp Wedekind, where the two trails come
close together, instead of a simple loop
(this "better route" is the route
shown on the map
). So, from Mima that means following #6 all the way to
Wedekind, then #8 to Porter and back along #6, switching to #8 again at
Wedekind for the final plunge to Mima Falls.  Think about this carefully
because this is not a ride you're going to want to repeat too often, and you'll
want to get the most bang for your buck.

Ride Summary:  I rode Mean Green for the first time in April 04, and I am
sure there are other masochists out there whom this will appeal to as well, if
they've not already tackled it themselves.  This ride actually seemed less
arduous than its Red counterpart (Molly-Porter #3 + North Rim #1), despite
the greater distance and additional time.   Still, as with any epic route in Capitol
Forest, it's important to be very familiar with the forest, have previously ridden
at least some of the various stages of these longer rides, so that you can
accurately gauge your limits, especially if, like me, you usually find yourself
riding solo without support (because your buds simply think you're out of your
mind).  Best Tip:  A Denver omelet from Farm Boy, near I-5's exit to Little
Rock, is a sure fire way to fuel-up for this ride and feel fresh at the end!  ;-)
-Randall Hale

Ride Submitted By:  Randall Hale  

For info on this ride contact Randall halera@ix.netcom.com