Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 35% gravel road, 65% Single track

Ride Distance: 75 miles

Ride Time: 10 - 14 hours

Trail head Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Mima Road intersection, turn left. Drive another Mile or so,
turn left on Bordeaux rd, drive another Mile or so and turn right on Marksman
Rd. Go about a Mile and park at Mima Falls trail head.       

Route Description: Leave out of Mima Falls trail head on the trail out of the
back of the campground, take Mima Porter #8 to Porter Creek Camp, take
B-1000 road to C-4000 road to C-Line road to C-7000 road to Mount
Molly Loop trail to B-5000 road to North Rim trail to Middle Waddell Loop
trail to Waddell Creek road to Margaret Mckenny to Waddell Loop trail to
Green Line #6 trail back to Mima Falls campground.      

Ride Summary: This route was sweet. We road some of the best single track
in The Forest and the entire route had a good flow. Our avg speed while riding
was 8.5 mph and we climbed a total of 7,000' and descended 6,900'. First
ridden October 2, 2004. Start time was 5:45 AM and finish time was 6:40
PM. We had 3 support stops. 8 riders finished out of a strong starting group
consisting of Kirk X, Daniel Myers, Austin Hildreth, Jeff Smith, Ken Smith,
Jamey Poelker, Jim Graham, Jim Albright, Chris Miske, and Jim Sammet.
Thanks to Rich Poelker for the support vehicle.   

Ride Submitted By:Jim Graham olywajim@yahoo.com

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