Ride Category: XC or cyclocross gravel road climb

Ride Type Ratio: 100% gravel road

Ride Distance: 6 miles up

Elevation Gain: Approximately +2000'

Ride Time: 1 to 2.5 hours round trip

Trail head Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection, turn left onto Sherman Valley Rd, continue to the next
intersection with C-Line and Noschka road, park here.   

Route Description: Take C-Line up about 3 miles to C-7000 on the right,
take C-7000 up to the intersection with C-4000, take the road up to the right
through the yellow gate to the south towers at Capitol Peak.

Ride Summary: This climb starts with a short steeper section on C-Line,
then heads up C-7000 for the shortest route to the top. There is one steep
section about a third of the way up C-7000 about 300 yards long, but for the
most part the road is a moderate grade and steady the whole way to where it
flattens towards the top then a short climb up to the Capitol Peak towers for
another classic view of Larch Mountain and the Olympics to the north,
Cascade volcanoes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to west.

Fastest known ascent to "The Yellow Gate" is 42 minutes, starting from "The
Y". J.A. 2005

Email me if you've climbed it faster.