Ride Category: XC or cyclocross gravel road climb

Ride Type Ratio: 100% gravel road

Ride Distance: 8 miles up

Elevation Gain: Approximately +2000'

Ride Time: 2 to 3 hours round trip

Trail head Directions: Take exit 104 off I-5 to Highway 101. Take
Highway 101 to Highway #8 West to Highway #12 South at Elma. Take
Highway #12 to Porter and take a left onto Porter Creek Road to C-1100.
Go straight with a trend to the left at the next four way intersection onto
B-Line and down into Porter Creek campground. There is a large parking
area on the right next to the river about 150 yards into the campground.   

Route Description: Take B-Line to B-1000 to the right,  stay right on
B-1000 until you get to C-4000. At C-4000 turn left and go about one
hundred yards and take the next gravel road to the left and climb up through
the yellow gate, take a right at the T intersection and go to the towers on the
north summit of Larch Mountain.

Ride Summary: This climb is steady, with a few shorter steep sustained
sections. All uphill. The view from Larch Mountain is incredible, the Olympics
to the north, Capitol Peak to the south, Cascade volcanoes to the east and the
Pacific Ocean to west.