Ride Name: Big Red
Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 100% Single-track

Ride Distance: 44 miles

Ride Time: 6-9 hours

Trailhead Directions:  I start above the old Bordeaux campground (end of
Noschka Rd.) near the intersection of roads C-8000 and C-8200, where the
two trails meet, and head out along Molly-Porter #3.  I like to call this parking
spot 'Bordeaux Landing'.  To reach it come in from Waddell Creek Rd along
Sherman Valley, via either Black Lake or Little Rock.

Route Description: The idea is to conjoin the two major Red trails, namely,
Molly-Porter #3 and North Rim #1, end-to-end, so this ride can be started at
either terminus or at any number of points in between. Join Molly-Porter #3 to
North Rim #1 end-to-end.  Simple.  From Bordeaux Landing this involves
climbing Molly-Porter #3 up and over, around Larch Mountain, and finally
down to Porter Creek.  Return along the length of North Rim#1 via Rock
Candy East, back to where you started.  Fun, fun.  

Ride Summary:  I don't know who else has done this loop (or would WANT
to) -- it's kind of obvious if you're looking for distance in Capitol -- but I did it
solo for the first time in early February 04, carrying lots of warmies -- even a
thermos with some Starbucks -- because it was cold and wet.  Since then I
learned not too carry too much water on epic rides, but rely on a water filter
instead (since water is so PLENTIFUL hereabouts), because the weight of the
water, plus what I was carrying for my own support really slowed me down.  I
recommend doing it in a clockwise direction because it's better to ascend
Molly-Porter #3 from the south than from the north.  In future, I'd probably
start at Porter instead of Bordeaux, because I believe that puts the worst up
front. -Randall Hale

Ride Submitted By:  Randall Hale

For info on this ride contact Randall halera@ix.netcom.com