Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 30% gravel road, 70% single track

Ride Distance: 25-ish miles

Ride Time: 3.5 - 5 hours

Trailhead Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection with Sherman Valley Rd, this is "The Y".     

Route Description: From 'The Y" follow Sherman Valley Road to C-Line
on the left, climb C-Line up to C-7000 on the right, climb up C-7000 to the
intersection with C-4000 and take a hard right through the yellow gate up to
the Capitol Peak towers, 2659'. Head towards the east towers and follow the
steep and technical rock section a couple hundred yards down to the trail
intersection and turn left. Follow trail to C-4000 going through intersection
across road towards B-1000 to Trail #30 on the right, follow to intersection
with Mount Molly Porter #3, turn right. Follow around Larch Mountain and
across C-4000 and down to intersection with Trail #20, turn right onto Mount
Molly Porter #3, cross bridge and take it up to where it crosses C-Line road
and turns into Trail #40. Follow Trail #40 up and over Mt Molly, at the
bottom turn left on the old road that goes right back to Waddell Creek Road
and your car.                

Ride Summary:  This is a pretty big ride with good elevation gain and ripping
descents. Killer views from Capitol Peak, real remote feeling singletrack on
the backside of Larch Mountain, fast rolling descent down Mount Molly
Porter #3 and a final little push up Trail #40 and some classic rut and berm
bashing down to your car. Very nice.  

Ride Submitted By: Jim olywajim@yahoo.com