Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 10% gravel road, 90% singletrack

Ride Distance: 18 miles

Ride Time: 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Trailhead Directions: Take exit 104 off I-5 to Highway 101. Take Highway
101 to Highway #8 West to Highway #12 South at Elma. Take Highway #12
to Porter and take a left onto Porter Creek Road to C-1100. Go straight with
a trend to the left at the next four way intersection onto B-Line and down into
Porter Creek campground. There is a large parking area on the right next to
the river about 150 yards into the campground.   

Route Description: Head out on B-Line to the right and take a right onto
B-1000, go up a few hundred yards and take a right onto the first trail you
come to. Ride up and cross the stream, at the intersection of Greenline #6 and
Mima Porter #8 take Greenline #6 to the left. Prepare for hell. The first half of
this climb is wasted. The trail /stream is washed out in some sections and there
will be some hike-a-bike time. The trail improves, but remains steep to the
end. Heaven for some. The trail will end at road C-4000, go right. At the next
intersection turn right onto C-line and head down about a hundred yards until
you see the trail on you left. The trail will turn into a road, follow it until you see
the trail on the left, turn right at the first trail  intersection on Mima Porter #8
and head to Porter Creek campground. Follow the trail all the way back, you
will cross the road intersection of C-Line and C-1000 about mid way down.
You will come out at the bottom at the same intersection with Greenline #6
and Mima Porter #8. Retrace your route back down from here to where you

Ride Summary: What is unique about this ride is the poor trail condition of
Greenline #6, the trails typically don't get neglected like this one. The climb up
#6 is a full on singletrack-puker. The descent down Mima Porter #8 is a pure
classic cross country bliss.

Highly Recommended DDM Option:
Another option is to park at the old Wedekind parking area on C Line and
ride down #8 first and back up #6 at the end. This option is little quicker
overall because you don't have to drive all the way to Porter. And you are
fresh for the descent down #8 to!!!     

Dedicated to Daniel, who knows how much fun it is to get totally wasted and
ragged on a hard ride!!!
Daniels Death March, DDM
Wedekind Parking area is here
mmmm........endorphins, adrenaline, fatigue an old campfire and Busch beer