Friends of Capitol Forest was started by some local mountain bikers wanting to clean up and maintain Capitol Forest.
We have grown  into a diverse group of all Capitol Forest user types.
Our strength and success is rooted in our unity and our positive relationships with all recreational users of Capitol Forest.

Our Purpose

#1 Support
We are here with permission from DNR to help DNR's maintenance program for Capitol Forest's trails, trail heads and camping areas. Our tasks will
directly address the most needed form of support that DNR needs at the time. We may be picking up trash one weekend or refurbishing old signs or trail
maintenance the next.

#2 Education
We abide strictly by IMBA's Trail Solutions guidelines in order to maintain and build sustainable trails for all users. This is knowledge that we share
and teach to all FOCF work party participants.  

Trail use and sharing. We educate new and seasoned mountain bike riders on the proper etiquette of trail sharing and bike control around other users,
specifically equestrians. We all share the trails in Capitol Forest, and in order for all user groups to enjoy continued open access and a combined massive
work force of volunteers on all of the trails we will continue to strive for harmony amongst all users.

#3 Responsibility
FOCF  encourages responsible and safe mountain biking in Capitol Forest
that considers first all other trail users on our shared trail systems. Our
objective is to continue to promote Capitol Forest's historical trend of safe, respectful mountain bike trail riding that blends well with other trail users on
our shared trails here. Our passion is fresh air, quality trails and trail rides.   


Come to a work Party!!!!!!
Please join us the first Saturday of each month for a work party day. Or if you want to strike out on your own contact us for a DNR volunteer
registration form and/or tools and supplies you may need. The purpose of registering with DNR is to
document volunteer hours which are rewarded with grant money for Capitol Forest project use. Help us support your forest.

We meet for
work parties the first Saturday of each month, ALL YEAR LONG at 9:00AM at "The Y".
The intersection of Sherman Valley road and Waddell Creek in Capitol Forest.

We would like to specifically mention locally based  
CAPITOL PEAK ULTRAS trail running/racing promotion group with whom we have worked side
by side with since the birth of FOCF. We would also like to thank Capitol Peak Ultras for donating their Capitol Forest event proceeds to FOCF. This is
a financial sacrifice that benefits all Capitol Forest users. Thanks Capitol Peak Ultras for putting the bigger picture first!

Donate and help support Capitol Forest. See the donation links at the top of this page. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
FOCF is a 501(c)3 non-profit, which means your donations are tax deductible.

FOCF officers and members are not paid or reimbursement for their time or money spent.
The results of FOCF's work improving Capitol Forest is the payment. We use it, we help maintain it.

100% of FOCF event and donation revenue is spent entirely on Capitol Forest projects.

Thank You:
J&I and Sthil Power Equipment, Mike Chun: EAG, Joy Ride Bikes, David Snyder Construction, Ramsey Company, John Kramer Construction,
Glenn Graham's Plumber, Single Track Mind Cycling Club, Graham Electric, Lumberman's Pro Build and all of the individual private donors
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Those responsible for FOCF's success:
(and there are many more of you out there!!)
Green Line #6 re-route begins
Green Line #6 erosion control
Green Line #6 erosion control
Summer 06
National Trails Day
Feb 06'
FOCF forms, clean up work begins
Click here for a map of  the Green Line #6 reroute. Winter 06/07.
Dec 06'
Epic storm, Green Line#6 tree clearing
Green Line #6 re-route continues
Green Line #6 re-route. Starting to look like a trail. Sweet.
Green Line #6 re-route completed. Lost Valley Loop storm tree clearing. Non-Synchro Vanangon.
Green Line #6 and Mima Porter #8, clearing the Peacock Run. Sponsored by STIHL.
The Plan, click here
Mid week "skip work and hit the trail day".  Storm tree clearing Mima 8 and Trail 20. The professor cuts again, Forks is in the
Friends of Capitol Forest,

You rock!!! I participated in the Capitol Forest Ultra Run yesterday and was amazed at how much great work the team of
volunteers has done. WOW! The trails are in fantastic condition and it's clear how much the friends of Capitiol Forest love
that area.

Thanks again, keep up the great work!!
Michelle Maislen
Seattle, WA  
Mud control. Re route of a short section of middle Green Line #6. Jackson leads the posse and gets 'er done.
Lots of brush cutting along Mima #8 near Wedekind. The photos went MIA, thanks to everyone who came out.  
Brush cutting extravaganza on the Crestline Trail. Grade reversal installation on the lower Green Line #6. Jackson shows up
with more mechanized help to make all of our lives easier and our day far more productive!   
Restoration of Greenline #6 in recently logged section LOTS of brush cutting on upper section and general trail house
keeping. New FOCF work party record, over 200 hours in one day!!!!!!!!!    
Brush cutting and water drainage on Trail #30, Mt Molly loop. New FOCF work party record over 150 hours in one
TAKE BACK THE Y!!!! Phase 1
The corner of Waddell Creek road and Sherman Valley road is a common parking area for mountain bikers. This spot is
also hidden behind trees, covered in large mud puddles and attractive to car thieves, boat dumpers and garbage dumpers.
We are taking it back. We started by limbing up the trees in the area, clearing out the brush and bringing a bull dozer in to
regrade the parking area. Stay tuned for next months progress, come join us.         
TAKE BACK THE Y!!!! Phase 2
The Y is coming around. Fencing is going up, gravel is in and the area is getting cleaner. Trail poachers, car thieves, garbage
dumpers and car prowlers will need to move on. Its a make-over that will hopefully spread from Sherman Valley Rad to
Margaret McKenny. Come help!!!           
12.01.07 232 hours
TAKE BACK THE Y!!!! Phase 3
Thats a wrap. The sign board is up, the fence is complete. Great job everyone. The place looks so much better.           
WINTER 2007/2008
Click on link here for the map and current reports on our 07/08 winter repair project.
If you have specific information about the conditions on this route please email us so we can address the work needed.
Please report conditions AND repairs so we can keep the map updated or  

Bring your saws, shovels and motivation, its clearing time!!!!           
Massive water damage to Mima Porter #8. Some hardy souls and Jackson's mini went for it. Lots of productive work.         
1.5.08 155.5 hours
More storm repair. #20 #6 #8. Two dozen hardcores showed up on a rainy and snowy January day. We cut some trees,
shoveled some mud and had hot chili and a bon fire at the finish line. Another good day with FOCF.       
3.1.08 129.5 hours
More tree cutting galore. Mima #8, Green Line #6 and The Valley of Death...all clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.2.08 96.5 hours
Green Line #6 more restoration, and dialing. Very nice.
4.5.08 134 hours
Gravel Pack In. Water drainage Mima #8 from Mima Falls CG. Tree cutting on GL6 above C-Line.
Green Line #6, culvert repair below C-Line and monster mud hole repair just above C-Line. Water drainage on GL6. Brush
cutting on Mima Porter #8.
Sooper Dooper work party weekend.
More tree cutting by Saw Smith Graham crew on Mima Porter #8. Axe Man Kramer's crew repaired two old bridges and
resolved drainage issues on Green Line #6. Mcgovern and posse worked on water drainage on Mima Porter #8. Captain
Scholl and company cut brush on Mima Porter #8.
FOCF "Seasons" Movie Premier at Old Delphi School House. Good times   
The Lost Valley Bush Wackin Project
Closure of areas to prevent the frequent gunfire at trails and neighboring homes.  
10.18 and 10.19 2008
IMBA Sustainable Trails Weekend. A full weekend of education, meals and trail building. Thanks IMBA!!
Mima #8 re-route and rebuild. RIP Trough of Doom. The original section of trail has been an ongoing maintenance nightmare for
years. The new section is being built to current standards for proper water drainage and width to accomodate equestrians and ATV
based future maintenance. A BIG thanks to the 15+ volunteers who came out in the pouring rain and Mike Chun and Glenn Graham
who donated the equipment for the weekend.     
8.2.08 and 8.3.08
Crestline bush-wack, #50 bush-wack and drainage, closure of dangerous shooting and dumping sites....a FULL weekend!
Spring  and Summer 2009:
Kicking butt and taking names!!!.
September 5 2009
The big guns were out, 5 mowers!!  Time for some serious brushing.
GL6 from C-line down to clear cut, GL8 from Wedekin to jct of 50, GL8 clearcut below IMBA re route.
Hand crews handled Wedekin to the washouts with week wackers and rakes.  The sickle mower handled from jct 50 to 1st
washout on 8. The bigger mowers took GL6 and GL8.
A  very productive weekend.
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