Capitol Forest Events
Events with 25 participants or more, or commercial activity on state DNR land requires a permit from the
Department of Natural Resources. For a permit contact Bob Pickens at DNR directly at
Capitol State Forest
2008 Organized Event Schedule

For More Information Contact:  
Department of Natural Resources
Pacific Cascade Region

DATE        SPONSOR        EVENT        LOCATION
3-15 through 3-16       FOCF     Mountain Bike Race      Fall Creek          Green Line #6, Mima Porter 8, Trail #50

3-21-08 through 3-23-08        PCSAR

4-13-08        McCleary Riders        Horse Ride        Green Line 6, Porter 8, Trail 10

6-6-08 through 6-8-08        National Assoc. of Compet Orienteering        Horse Ride        Fall Creek Campground, Green Line 6, C-4000, Mima Porter
D-4700, C-5000, C-5200, C-5300

6-21-08        WA ST Horse Council        Horse Ride        Mima Porter #8, Green Line #6

7-19-08        BCHWA        Horse ride        Fall Creek Campground   Mima Porter #8, Green Line #6, Trail #20

7-12-08 through 7-13-08        River City Motorcycle Club        Moto Ride        Straddle Line Trail/Porter Loop

7-24 through 7-27-08        Pacific NW Fox Trotters        Horse Ride        Falls Creek Campground Trail Loop

9-6 through 9-7         FOCF       Mountain Bike Race      Fall Creek Green Line #6, Mima POrter #8, Trail #50