Ride Category: Loop

Ride Type Ratio: 70% gravel road, 25% single track, 5% hike-a-biike

Ride Distance: 30-ish miles

Ride Time: 4-6 hours

Trailhead Directions: Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection with Sherman Valley Rd, this is "The Y".          

Route Description: Leave The Y north on Sherman Valley Rd. Take a right
on C-9000 road. Follow C-9000 road to the end. Cross country hike a bike
in a NW direction down to B-8500 road. Follow B-8500 road over to
connector trail to Molly Porter #3. Take Molly Porter #3 around Larch
and a short section of Trail #30(not show on map) to C-4000
road. Take C-4000 road to Green Line #6 trail to Trail #30 to Mima Porter
#8 trail. At the intersection of Trail #50 and Mima Porter # 8 trail pop out
onto C-line road and follow all the way back down to Sherman Valley road
and to your car.   

Ride Summary: Ummmmm........why?
Not for the weak. This is a ride that is all about adventure, covering some
ground in The Forest and taking "the long way to Wedekind". Even if you
have ridden Capitol for years, this ride/adventure will introduce you to a new  
views, new roads and ultimately a new way to cover some ground in Capitol.
Bring a light and simple bike and enjoy. Git sum.
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